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Only 35 days until kickoff!
WHEN: Girls: Nov 7-9
Boys: Nov 14-16
WHERE: Evansville, IN
FEES: U9-10, $525; U11-12 (8v8), $575; U12 (11v11) & U13-14, $600; U15-19, $650
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Saturday, Oct 4, 2014
PAY TO: Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament; Veterans Invitational; ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE; P.O. BOX 15906; Evansville, IN 47716
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
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Things to DO! Apply to the VIT! Make sure your application has all your team information in it! Make Hotel Reservations!! Get your payment in so you can be truly considered! Sit back and relax and wait to be accepted!! We looking forward to the Application Deadline! The Tournament Committee

October 01, 2014
Less than 3 days until APPLICATION deadline - OCTOBER 4, 2014

On behalf of the Evansville Soccer Club we would like to extend to you and your club an invitation to participate in the 13th Annual Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament this Fall in Evansville, Indiana on November 7th, 8th, and 9th (Girls Weekend) or November 14th, 15th and 16th (Boys Weekend), 2014.

Last year's tournament brought in some of the most competitive clubs in the Mid-West, 250+ teams from 9 states and we anticipate this year's event to be even stronger. Most age brackets will have a premier and classic division providing a competitive opportunity for every team. The Veterans weekend tournament truly is an invitational tournament. It is our intent as the host organization, Evansville Soccer Club, to provide quality play at quality facilities. Our Goebel Soccer Complex is the talk of Indiana Youth Soccer. We have hosted the Indiana State Cup Tournament, it is a state-of-the-art facility with professionally designed Bermuda fields including 6-lighted fields and a championship synthetic astro-play stadium field. Evansville, Indiana sits on a East/West, North/South corridor of a hotbed of good soccer. We anticipate teams from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Alabama, Iowa and Wisconsin to participate. Several major clubs in those areas have already committed to playing. Veterans Day weekend promises to be a great opportunity for teams to conclude their fall season or to use as preparation for upcoming showcase events. Either way, we pledge to put on a tournament of the highest caliber.

For information and on-line registration see our tournament website veteransinvitational.com.
We look forward to seeing you at the Veterans Invitational, November 2014 for some very good soccer.

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SPECIAL NOTES for U12 and U17-U19 Teams
October 01, 2014
To all U12 teams....the VIT will be trying to have TWO playing options....Our state association, ISA, is allowing us to play 11 v 11 and 8 v 8 in the U12 age group. We will be looking for U12 teams to put a note in the comment box letting us know if they wish to play 8v8 OR 11v11.

To all U17-19 teams....the VIT will be following the ISA roster limitations. You are allowed to bring 22 players. Please be aware you may only dress 18 per game and will be asked to designate your roster Friday evening at check-in

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Player Profiles for players U14 and above
October 01, 2014
If you are applying as a U14 - U19 team please feel free to create VIT Player Profiles. The process is secure.
  1. Using your VIT number, please login and click on Team listing. This allows you, or the coach to input a small amount of basic information about each player and send them a note requesting each player to fill out a VIT Player profile.

  2. Each player then can use the login(different from the team login) sent from the coach to enter the site (on the left bar of the website) to login and create a player profile. Note: There is a VIT player profile AND if they wish, they can sign up for the SportSource player profile. This is not required for the VIT, just offered.

  3. Once signed on, players can upload a photo, list their grad year and contact information,positions, academic info, soccer info (both Club and HS info).

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October 01, 2014
  • Event: Opening Ceremony for 13th Annual Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament

    • Sponsor/Host: Evansville Soccer Club

    • When: Friday, November 7, 2014, at Noon

    • Where: Goebel Soccer Complex on North Green River Road,
      Evansville, IN

    • Who: Members of the public are invited to attend, especially
      U.S. veterans and their families

    • What: This is a patriotic, outdoor ceremony in honor of U.S.
      veterans of all generations.

The one-hour program includes a 21-gun salute, the playing of Taps, the firing of Howitzers, a flyover by a vintage war airplane, and patriotic music. This ceremony on November 7 precedes the Veterans Invitational Tournament, the competitive youth soccer tournament sponsored by Evansville Elite on November 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15, 16 in Evansville. Light lunch provided following ceremony.

For more information, contact: David Nicholson 457-7275

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August 07, 2014
There will be no parking fees charged at the VIT this year!!! We are very excited about this change and hope that it will be exciting news to all our participants as well!!!

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July 10, 2013

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Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament
PO Box 15906 Evansville, IN 47716-0906
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