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Only 13 days until kickoff!
WHEN: Girls: Nov 7-9
Boys: Nov 14-16
WHERE: Evansville, IN
FEES: U9-10, $525; U11-12 (8v8), $575; U12 (11v11) & U13-14, $600; U15-19, $650
Application deadline was: Friday, Oct 17, 2014
PAY TO: Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament; Veterans Invitational; ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE; P.O. BOX 15906; Evansville, IN 47716
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
Permission to Host/Sanctioning Form

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Veterans Invitational Tournament 2014 Registration/Check-in Checklist

What you need to know NOW, prior to the tournament and registration
October 15, 2014

Just before the deadline....

October 01, 2014

SPECIAL NOTES for U12 and U17-U19 Teams

October 01, 2014

Player Profiles for players U14 and above

October 01, 2014

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The new Online Check In Instructions are up now for those teams that have been accepted. Please follow these instructions when completing your check in process for this year's VIT!!!

Veterans Invitational Tournament 2014 Registration/Check-in Checklist
October 15, 2014
Prior to the tournament
- Review and complete all documents for online check in submission
- All coaches and managers should review the tournament rules.
- Confirm your Housing Bureau Reservations – We are a stay to play tournament. We do not want to turn your team away at registration!
- Refer to our website for field locations and maps.
- Have all players & parents/guardians complete and sign the Liability Waiver.
- Teams U14 and above are invited to input abbreviated player profiles for college coaches that will be in attendance.

This year we will be having Online Check-In ONLY
A copy of the following documents need to be emailed to this address in
ONE PDF FILE: veteransinvitationalonline@gmail.com
In the subject line of your email, please title it using the following format:
Club Name, Age Division or Year, Gender
(Example: EvansvilleSoccerClub03BGreen OR EvansvilleSoccerClubBU12Green)
- Copy of current valid US Club, USYSA or USSF affiliate player passes required. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Only front sides need to be scanned, unless photo or signature are on back) You will need to bring the player cards for player check in at the field for all games.
- Copy of completed Weekend Contact information form (available on tournament website)
- Copy of your Application to Travel (non Indiana teams) o USYSA form approved by your State Association o Not required for US Club teams
- A copy of your state or US Club approved roster. It will be stamped “approved”, signed and dated and then returned to you by email. You will then need to bring a copy of the “approved” roster to each game, along with player cards.
- A copy of the VIT Liability Waiver form. It must be signed by each player and parent/guardian. (If player is 18 years of age no parent/guardian signature is needed)
- Guest Players should be written in on the state or US Club approved team roster, including all required roster information listed for other players. (Liability waiver, player pass and birth certificates are also required for guest players.)

More Information for Check-In
We will begin accepting emails for online check in on October 15 for both the girl’s and boy’s tournaments.
Files must be received by 12:00 pm on October 31 (for girls weekend) and November 7 (for boys weekend)
Everything must be in ONE PDF FILE. If you aren’t sure how to do this, there are several tutorials available online. Here is a link to one: www.wikihow.com/Merge-PDF-Files

You will get an email response with approval or action items within 3-6 days after your check in information is received.
Once everything is approved, you will get an “Approved” roster that must be printed out to bring to each game and presented to the field marshal along with the player passes. (copies of player passes will NOT be accepted at the field)

If your roster changes after approval, you will need to bring any changes and necessary items (player passes, liability waiver, birth certificates) to the site coordinator tent at least one hour prior to your first game.

Although copies of medical releases and player birth certificates are not required for check-in, you must have one for each player at every game during the VIT.

If there is some reason you absolutely cannot check in this way, please send an email stating your reason to veteransinvitationalonline@gmail.com. We will evaluate it and try to work something out.

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Just before the deadline....
October 01, 2014
Things to DO!

  1. Apply to the VIT!

  2. Make sure your application has all your team information in it!

  3. Make Hotel Reservations!!

  4. Get your payment in so you can be truly considered!

  5. Sit back and relax and wait to be accepted!!

We looking forward to the Application Deadline!
The Tournament Committee

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SPECIAL NOTES for U12 and U17-U19 Teams
October 01, 2014
To all U12 teams....the VIT will be trying to have TWO playing options....Our state association, ISA, is allowing us to play 11 v 11 and 8 v 8 in the U12 age group. We will be looking for U12 teams to put a note in the comment box letting us know if they wish to play 8v8 OR 11v11.

To all U17-19 teams....the VIT will be following the ISA roster limitations. You are allowed to bring 22 players. Please be aware you may only dress 18 per game and will be asked to designate your roster Friday evening at check-in

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Player Profiles for players U14 and above
October 01, 2014
If you are applying as a U14 - U19 team please feel free to create VIT Player Profiles. The process is secure.
  1. Using your VIT number, please login and click on Team listing. This allows you, or the coach to input a small amount of basic information about each player and send them a note requesting each player to fill out a VIT Player profile.

  2. Each player then can use the login(different from the team login) sent from the coach to enter the site (on the left bar of the website) to login and create a player profile. Note: There is a VIT player profile AND if they wish, they can sign up for the SportSource player profile. This is not required for the VIT, just offered.

  3. Once signed on, players can upload a photo, list their grad year and contact information,positions, academic info, soccer info (both Club and HS info).

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October 01, 2014
  • Event: Opening Ceremony for 13th Annual Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament

    • Sponsor/Host: Evansville Soccer Club

    • When: Friday, November 7, 2014, at Noon

    • Where: Goebel Soccer Complex on North Green River Road,
      Evansville, IN

    • Who: Members of the public are invited to attend, especially
      U.S. veterans and their families

    • What: This is a patriotic, outdoor ceremony in honor of U.S.
      veterans of all generations.

The one-hour program includes a 21-gun salute, the playing of Taps, the firing of Howitzers, a flyover by a vintage war airplane, and patriotic music. This ceremony on November 7 precedes the Veterans Invitational Tournament, the competitive youth soccer tournament sponsored by Evansville Elite on November 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15, 16 in Evansville. Light lunch provided following ceremony.

For more information, contact: David Nicholson 457-7275

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August 07, 2014
There will be no parking fees charged at the VIT this year!!! We are very excited about this change and hope that it will be exciting news to all our participants as well!!!

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July 10, 2013

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Veterans Invitational Soccer Tournament
PO Box 15906 Evansville, IN 47716-0906
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